Dreamy Destinations on Simple EMI’s : NO Cost EMI With VOYEHOMES

Dreamy Destinations on Simple EMI’s : NO Cost EMI With VOYEHOMES
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Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary with Voye Homes’ exquisite collection of holiday homes. Whether you’re planning a serene getaway or an adventurous retreat, Voye Homes has the perfect accommodation to make your holiday unforgettable. What’s even more exciting? You can now book your dream holiday home using the hassle-free No Cost EMI option, thanks to our partnership with Bajaj Finserv! 

Benefits Of No Cost EMI 

Embark on a journey of elevated holiday experiences with Voye Homes, where we’ve seamlessly integrated the convenience of No Cost EMI into your travel aspirations. Imagine a scenario were planning your dream getaway not only becomes stress-free but also financially flexible. Our No Cost EMI option empowers customers to spread the cost of their holiday home bookings across easy monthly installments, all without incurring any additional charges. This innovative financing solution ensures that your vacation planning aligns with your budget, allowing you to indulge in the luxury of our holiday homes without the burden of hefty upfront payments. It’s not just a vacation; it’s a stress-free, financially savvy escape tailored to meet your wanderlust desires. Elevate your holiday experience with Voye Homes and embrace the freedom that No Cost EMI brings to your travel dreams. 

emi option

Travel on EMI With Bajaj Finserv

Meet Bajaj Finserv, your trusted financial companion, offering seamless No Cost EMI solutions to enhance your financial freedom. At the heart of this offering is the concept of No Cost EMI, where you pay the precise amount for your chosen holiday home without the burden of interest or hidden charges. Bajaj Finserv prides itself on transparent and customer-friendly financial services, ensuring that your financial journey is not only convenient but also crystal clear. With Bajaj Finserv, you can embark on your financial endeavors with confidence, knowing that your aspirations are supported by a partner dedicated to providing clarity and simplicity in every transaction. 


  • No Cost EMI is accessible to Bajaj EMI cardholders, providing enhanced convenience for booking holiday homes. 
  • Prospective customers without a Bajaj EMI card can swiftly become cardholders within a day by contacting Bajaj, granting them access to the advantages of the No Cost EMI option. 
  • To benefit from the No Cost EMI facility, a minimum booking amount of INR 5000 is required, ensuring flexibility to accommodate various budget preferences. 
  • The payment process is simplified, allowing customers to settle their bookings through three straightforward installments. This feature adds to the accessibility and accommodation of the booking process, aligning with diverse financial preferences. 

How to Travel on EMI

Step 1: Explore and Choose Your Ideal Holiday Home: Visit our website or contact our sales team to browse through our diverse collection of holiday homes. Select the perfect retreat that suits your preferences and travel aspirations. 

Step 2: Reservation Form and Referral Code: Navigate to the property page and fill out the reservation form. During this process, enter the referral code “EMIVOYE” to ensure that you can take advantage of the No Cost EMI option. 

Step 3: Connect with Our Team: After submitting the reservation form, our dedicated team will promptly connect with you to collect essential details. This includes gathering your card details and contact information, prioritizing the security and privacy of your data. 

Step 4: Card Eligibility Check: Our efficient team will conduct a swift check to assess your card eligibility. This ensures a seamless progression through the No Cost EMI application process. 

Step 5: EMI Option Activation: If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be informed promptly. Proceed to book your dream holiday home with the added convenience of the No Cost EMI option. 

Step 6: Receive Customer Details: Once the transaction is complete, we will promptly send you the relevant confirmation details, finalizing the booking process. This step ensures that you have all the necessary information for your upcoming stay. 

Trust in Voye Homes to provide you with a straightforward and secure experience as you embark on a memorable holiday with the flexibility of No Cost EMI.