Munnar Heritage Resort Everyone Must Visit in 2023

Munnar Heritage Resort Everyone Must Visit in 2023
Munnar resorts

A haven of tranquility and quietness, Munnar is one of the most sought after and exquisite tourist attraction in God’s own country. Located in Kerala’s Western Ghats, Munnar is a charming town and a perfect hill station.

 The breathtaking views of miles and miles of lush, green tea estates interspersed with mist-shrouded hills, valleys, and forests are energizing making visitors to relish the incredible sight of nature in its most serene state.

Best Stay in Munnar

While everything is perfect with Munnar, it is important that your stay too is immaculate. Well think no further as High Range Club brings the finest of Munnar at your disposal. This exclusive planter’s club, which is located in one of Munnar’s most picturesque areas, is a meticulous heritage resort that blends in with the aura of Munnar ensuring a relaxed and delightful stay. 

High Range Club, Munnar, is all about relishing in a traditional experience with all the conveniences and elegance of the old world. It is open to organizing and planning any events, be it meetings, get togethers or family staycations. Outstanding amenities allow you to relax with family while enjoying a plethora of activities during your holiday. High Range Club houses a traditional colonial ambiance that has been fostered and nurtured for more than a century, allowing you to experience the elegance of a long-gone age.

A little walk-through history

A Planters Club named as The Gymkhana Club was started in the year 1905 for the gentlemen planters of the High Range club, with a loan from the erstwhile Kanan Devan Hills Produce Co. Ltd. High Range club was formally set up with furnitures and fixtures in the year 1909 and by 1910, it was completed. The first coolie gymkhana for the company workers were held here. In 1940, the last coolie gymkhana was held and was attended by the Travancore Maharaja.

High Range Club was one of the first planter’s clubs to be electrified and one of the few clubs built as a heritage resort / residential club. The club installed telephones in 1916. The majority of the club was severely damaged during the 1924 flood, which hit the region and changed the face of the High Range’s hills and dales. However, everything was later redone.

The Pullivasal Hydro Electric Scheme’s construction of a Decantation Chamber and headworks threatened the Club Grounds. Fortunately, the grounds were spared from complete destruction.

 In 1934, the Dewan of Travancore became the Club’s first Indian member. In 1935 for the use of Moylam & Co., who initiated the Pullivasal Hydro- Electric Works, the cottages were constructed. In 1941 these cottages were used for visitors and then for 75/- per room per month they were rented out. Later in 1979 these cottages were modified and converted to self contained rooms, with mosaic tiling, enclosed verandahs, glazed windows etc. In 1958, the first Indian was elected to the Club Committee. In 1972, the club celebrated Diwali and Independence Day for the first time. W. O. Milne was the first planter to hang his hat in the Men’s Lounge (at the end of thirty years of continuous resident membership at the Club), a tradition that continues to this day.

The old-world charm of this Munnar heritage resort continues within a 6 acre area with a river forming its natural boundary. It is sure that your time at this historic plantation club will provide you with a different yet beautiful experience while leaving you with great memories….

Highlights of The High Range Club

  • Take a trip back in time

With magnificient collection of trophies and other collectables including badges, hats etc. dating back decades can be visualized once you laze through the property. You may also be impressed by the club’s colonial architecture and collections.

  • Well appointed rooms and cottages

Relax and enjoy the comfort of the High Range Club’s well-appointed rooms and cottages. This Munnar heritage resort has a total of 17 rooms including standard, classic as well as the premium ones.

  • Lawns and charming gardens

Resting in the lawn area with the beauty and scent of glorious flowers from the vibrant garden provides complete stress relief. It offers the ideal environment for spending pleasant evenings with your dear ones.

  • Dining experience.

Enjoy a classic dining experience and a variety of dishes served in style. Delicious food can be prepared upon request in advance, and there is also a fixed menu.

  • Nearby Munnar

Far from the hustle and bustle of crowd, Munnar heritage resort High Range Club is situated a short walk from Munnar.

How to reach Munnar High Range Club

High Range Club is just 2.8 km from Munnar town and can be accessed through Chokkanad road. Also, taxis, jeep’s and tuk tuks are available for commuting

By Air

The nearest airport is Cochin International airport which is 103 km away

By Train

Aluva railway station is the nearest railway station which is 105 km away

By Road

The nearest bus station is in Munnar town, from which buses to all cities are available. 

Venue for

  • Family Get-together

Family gatherings is about bringing families together and making lasting memories and the key to this is choosing the perfect location and venue. It’s the special events like these that lets you enrich bonds with your dear ones.

A day out in special location with your whole family and enjoying together with them is a good feeling. High Range Club in Munnar is one of the best options with all facilities like spacious 17 bedrooms, halls, indoor- outdoor activities and children play area, if you are planning a family get-together or parties.

  • Corporate Events

Corporate events or private events hosted by corporations or businesses for their employees or clients can be held in specific locations that reflect the culture of that team. These events can range from small gatherings such as holiday parties or private concerts to large conferences or company meetings. The most effective venues prioritise mingling and networking during corporate events since success is a journey as much as a goal.

High Range Club Munnar offers a minimalistic, rustic and classic ambiance of a Munnar heritage resort while also bringing a modern and sleek atmosphere to the event, making it the ideal location to host any type of corporate event. With a focus on originality, innovation, and impeccable execution, we design and execute events with expertise from past years. The large lounge is ideal for corporate events as well as social gatherings such as meetings, seminars, and receptions.

 The rules and regulations here set the standard for creating such corporate events. In addition, facilities such as spacious dining area, and standard rooms, as well as activities such as billiards, tennis, and a library, make the club more appealing and vibrant for such events. The maximum capacity for accommodation is 50 people.

Activities at The High Range Club

  • 9 hole golf Course
  • Well stocked library
  • Squash
  • Play area for children
  • Billiards
  • Trekking
  • Tennis
  • Basket ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Audio/ video room.
  • Gymnasium
  • Enjoy nature’s bounties


One of the speciality you may find here in this club is its strict rules and regulations that is been followed from the past.

  • On notified occasions, the members must strictly follow formals or nationals. On Saturdays after 7.00 pm Jacket and Tie should be worn.
  • When using the main lounge, dinning room, men’s room, library, billiards room and cocktail bar, visitors should be properly dressed.
  • Formals, Business casuals, Polo T shirts, western formals are allowed.
  • Open Slippers, Round neck T shirt, Lungi/Dhoties/Nighty are prohibited.
  • In public area, residents are requested not to wear Chappals or Sandals.
  • Guests should wear a proper sports gear while using sports facilities.

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