Private Secret Beach Resort in Varkala You Must Visit

Private Secret Beach Resort in Varkala You Must Visit

Why is Varkala trending in 2022?

Varakala Cliff Beach Resorts

Varkala is a coastal town that has recently become a popular tourist destination in Kerala, well-known for its Beaches and Cliffs. Varkala Helipad on the North Cliff facing the sea is a landmark for visitors to Varkala where they may enjoy a stunning sunset. Large number of cafes face the breathtaking sea, where you can spend a pleasant and happy evening. 

Varkala is the only location in Kerala where the cliff is connected to the Arabian Sea. Varkala Cliff runs from north to south and has beaches such as Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach), Black Sand Beach, Edava Beach, Kappil Beach & Lake, and Odayam Beach. These Beaches in Varkala provide great opportunities for adventurous water sports like Beach Surfing, Paragliding, Parasailing, Jet Skiing etc.

Kappil Beach - Varkala's Sandy Beauty

Kappil is a popular Beach and backwater location for travelers visiting Varkala. Backwaters on one side of the Kappil road and a beach on the other add to the charm of this region, which is located 7 kilometers from Varkala. A large number of Varkala Resorts and Varkala Cliff Resorts have recently gained popularity among vacationers and foreigners due to their views, services, and solitude.. 

Varakala Kayaking

Away from the crowds, the best getaway option for you with your family and friends in a tranquil spot is vital. Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES is a lake and beach resort in Varkala that is presently open. As the name implies, it is an ideal retreat for travelers.

Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES

Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES is one of the best lake and beach resort in Varkala. The most rejoicing feature of this Resort in Varkala is the beautiful lake view from the resort and the private Beach which is a few minutes walk from the resort after crossing the lake.

Resort Highlights

  • Lake and Beach Resort
  • Deluxe AC Bedrooms
  • Lakeside Suite Rooms
  • Close to Kappil Beach and Backwaters
  • Close to Varkala Beach and Cliff
  • Lake Safari
  • Lake Supping
  • Beach Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Outdoor Wedding / Party Area


Beach Surfing

Paddle quickly to catch the rising wave! Surfing is an exhilarating water activity that requires a surfboard, a daring player, and a breaking wave. Art of setting you to move more freely along with upcoming waves. In Kerala, Varkala is one of the major spots for surfing and provides training for surfing. Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES is an ideal spot having a private beach for surfing if you are a trained surfer. Depending on the season, beach surfing training is also provided here with additional fees (approx. 5000 for 3 days).

Lake Supping

Lake SUP is another water sport that originated from surfing. In a calm lake Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is another perspective for kayakers and canoeists. For paddlers with less skill and for those who are not trained surfers, lake supping is a great option. It is another water activity offered here in Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES.

Surfing/Supping cost is Rs. 1500 per board and is provided only for trained people

Canoeing/ Lake Safari

Feel the outdoors and rejuvenate yourself by taking a canoe ride on the nearby lake. Lake Safari is also available for guests, taking them through the magnificent Mangroves and backwaters of Kappil. In the evening, you can cross the lake by canoe or Lake supping to a private beach nearby, where wonderful scenery and a perfect sunset await you.

Canoeing / Beach commuting by boat- Rs. 100 per head

(N.B: Price as per bookings – For Deluxe rooms, all activities like Lake supping, Beach surfing, canoeing, and lake safari are available only with additional charges. For Suite rooms, all activities like Lake supping, Beach surfing, canoeing, and lake safari are free.)


Relax, Re-energise and Unwind. A perfect Spa will be a perfect therapy for you from your stressful condition. Enjoy the endless activities along with the wellness treatment at Majestic Retreat by VOYE HOMES. It is a perfect stay at Varkala where one can opt for Spa and Wellness Treatment.

How to reach Majestic Retreat Varkala?

By Air

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, which is at a distance of 53 km from the resort. From there either you can take a train, Trivandrum railway station is just 5 km away from the airport or you may take taxis or buses.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Varkala Railway station at a distance of 6.7 km from the resort. Just outside the railway station is the auto stand from there you can take autos or you can look for taxis.

By Road

The nearest Bus station is in Varkala at a distance of 6.8 km from the Resort. Private buses are available to commute to the city areas of Kollam and Trivandrum. Taxis and Tuk-Tuks are available for commuting. 

Tourist Places Nearby

  • Kappil Beach (210 m)
  • Edava Beach (2.70 km)
  • Varkala Beach (6.70 km)
  • Varkala Cliff (6.70 km)
  • Black Sand Beach (7.3 km)
  • Thanni Beach (8.40 km)
  • Janardhana Swami Temple (8.50 km)
  • Sivagiri Mutt (9.70 km)
  • Varkala Light House (10.00 km)
  • Kaveri Elephant Park (10.00 km)
  • Kollam Beach (17.00 km)
  • Jatayu Earth’s Center (32.00 km)
  • Munroe Island (41.00 km)

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