Shining Caves Resort Attappadi by VOYE HOMES

Shining Caves Resort Attappadi by VOYE HOMES
Attappadi Sholayur

The largest tribal village in Kerala is located in the tribal taluk of Attappadi. Located in the western portions of Attappady, Attappady Reserve Forest is a protected area, belonging to the list of India’s protected and reserved forests.

In order to preserve the beauties of this special region, the area is protected by the government. Irulas, Mudugas, and Kurumbar are the current residents of the reserve region. Despite having a declining population, it is still one of the most scenic areas in the Palakkad district.

Shining Caves Resort Attappadi

Few locations can induce as much awe as the amazing Shining Caves Resorts. Think about going back in time and living in a cave for a while. It will absolutely blow you away. Located just 2 km from Varagambadi, one can isolate themselves from the outside world and take in the serene atmosphere of nature in the midst of a digital detox.

A sleep away over the mighty Attappadi hills, the Shining Cave Resort is a favorite stay for those adrenaline junkies. The vast hilltop and a campfire over the cold grasslands will be a perfect add-on for a warm, cozy stay at Cave house. The temperature here is very pleasant throughout the year but as the wind picks up there is a drastic drop in the overall temperature making it chillier.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Shining Caves Resort.

How to Reach Shining Caves Resort?

By Air

The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport which is 50 km away

By Train

The nearest railway station is Coimbatore Railway Station which is 42 km away

By Road

Nearest major city is Agali and the nearest bus station is Sholayur. Private buses, taxi’s, jeep’s and tuk-tuks are available for commuting

Shining Caves Resort - O Cave

The O Cave is an 5 bedroom dormitory type ‘O’ shaped cave house perfect for families and groups. Surrounded by the lush green mountains, a number of activities come with all the ingredients for an adrenaline junkie. Away from the bustles of busy life, the Mountain View resort is a perfect spot for backpackers and solo travelers and it ensures a calm and comfy stay amidst the richness of nature fully equipped with modern amenities including a swimming pool.

Shining Caves Resort - Igloo Cave

Igloo Cave – Igloo are houses that are built in very cold temperatures to keep oneself warm from the outside cold temperature. Igloos are also known as Iglu, snow hut or snow house, and as the name suggests igloos are snow made. Shining Caves Igloo Cave is a comfortable private Igloo cave enough to fit 2 people perfect for couples.

Shining Caves Resort - A Cave

A Caves with its structure shaped like the letter ‘A’ offers a spacious stay which can accomodate around 7 people, a hills slope terrain in the middle of the grassland with enough space to set up tents and A frame buildings, so this Hill view resort will be suitable for large group bookings and corporate stays. 

Activities at Shining Caves Resort

Here are a list of all the activities at the Shining Caves Resort to do on your visit.

  • Nature Walk
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Cycling
  • Archery
  • Dart
  • Watch Tower
  • Mono Basket Ball
  • Farm Visit
  • Outdoor Games
  • Onsite Trekking
  • Village Walk
  • Jeep Safari
  • Horse Rides
  • ATV
  • KSRTC Bus travel to Tribal Settlement.
  • Fishing
  • Waterfall Visit

How to Book Shining Caves Resort?

You can visit VOYE HOMES by clicking the link below or Call +91 9539690660 to know the rates and booking details.