Discover the Best Resorts In Vagamon – Novella Vagamon.

Discover the Best Resorts In Vagamon – Novella Vagamon.

Have a long and relaxing stay at safe and sanitized resorts In Vagamon – Novella Vagamon . VOYE HOMES Novella Vagamon is an eco- friendly hill top tea estate resort in Vagamon.

Resorts in VagamonVoyehomes Novella Vagamon

VOYE HOMES Novella Vagamon – Private Tea Villas provide full peace to those seeking an escape into nature. It comprises four single bed room tea estate cottages, each with an incredible balcony view, and thus provides a unique blend of comfort, relaxation, and adventure. Furthermore, this Vagamon resort, located at the top of a hill with tea plantations and overlooking the lovely Chottupara Hills, offers a 360-degree outlook that is truly picture perfect. Also, the singing of birds and the melody of the breeze that reverberates throughout the year provides an inviting reprieve from your busy and demanding existence.

Tea Plantations in Vagamon
Tea Plantations in Vagamon

The Private tea villas in VOYE HOMES Novella Vagamon offer you a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure with amazing balcony views of the tea plantations, overlooking the majestic Chottupara Hills in Vagamon.

Tea Plucking

The main attraction of Vagamon is its abundance of undulating tea estates and grass lands, and one can enjoy the beauty of tea plucking. Staying in the midst of luscious tea plantations while the mist and low clouds pass by, falling down to the valley’s bowl, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Trekking In Novella Vagamon
Onsite Trekking In Novella Vagamon

Onsite trekking to the Chottupara hills will be an everlasting experience for the one who visit this amazing destination. Hence, this has become the perfect getaway for team outings and the right choice for adventure lovers.

The view of Uluppuni Hills and Kottamala, set on the higher slopes of the ‘Western Ghats’ mountains, follows the whims of your thoughts here. Vagamon’s tea plantations are spectacular. The forested mountain slopes rolling to the horizon, in addition to the Chottupara hills and vision of lush, are remarkable brushstrokes of nature, and they’re all yours alone.

Experiences at Novella Vagamon

Novella Vagamon is easily accessible, as it is only 06 kilometres from the town of Vagamon towards the Pullikkanam route. This is the most beautiful hill station in the Idukki district. The vast expanse of undulating tea estates and grasslands is the real draw. Also, tea plucking is the main activity you can engage in here.

Vagamon is also known for its numerous camping and hiking paths, as well as breathtaking waterfalls, caves, hills, flora and wildlife, and an abundance of wonderful landscapes. For adventure seekers, onsite trekking in Novella Vagamon is the major attraction. Furthermore, the onsite trekking to Chottupara Hills will take less than 20 minutes. In addition, the area is known for its spice crops.

resort in vagamon
VOYE HOMES Novella Vagamon
  • Private hiking spots
  • Trekking Trails
  • Hiking Trials
  • Tea Plucking
  • 4×4 Jeep Drive’s
  • Chottupara Trekking
  • 360-Degree View of Western Ghat Mountains
  • Midst of Lush Tea Estate
  • Perfect getaway for a team outing

It’s a lovely spot to re-energize. So take in the scenery in all its glory, accompanied by delicious food and warm hospitality. Do you want to give your eyes a rest from all the concrete buildings you’ve been seeing? Consider a relaxing holiday house that merges with nature.

Chottipara Hills Vagamon
Onsite Trekking to Chottupara Hills

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