Top 5 Places for Ziplining in Wayanad

Top 5 Places for Ziplining in Wayanad
Zipline in Wayanad

Zipline in Wayanad – Wayanad is a region in India’s state of Kerala. It is well-known for its gorgeous forests, waterfalls, wildlife, and, ofcourse, stunning Wayanad resorts and adventure activities. Many people travel to Wayanad each year because of its lovely natural surroundings and cozy climate. Visitors can immerse themselves in Wayanad’s stunning sights whether they are there for a weekend or a holiday.

Ziplining is the ideal adventure sport for you in Wayanad if you enjoy experiences that allow you to take in beautiful Wayanad landscape while flying by with a top-down perspective. Even if it scares you, it provides an adrenaline rush and a breathtaking aerial perspective of beautiful locales that you simply cannot refuse.

Here are the Top 5 zipline spots in Wayanad that you should not miss on your next trip:

1. Wayanad Adventure camp

Wayanad Adventure Camp, run by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) operates out of Karlad Lake in Thariode, Wayanad. In this lovely setting, the DTPC provides a wide variety of adventure activities. For those who enjoy kayaking and zip lining, it is the finest location.

You can always settle for less demanding pleasures like rock climbing, paintball, archery, and land zorbing if kayaking is too taxing for you.

Zipline fee: Rs 290 + Entry fee (Rs 30)

Timings: 9AM – 5PM

2. Muddy boots zipline

Muddy boots zipline is another adventure activities organization group which offers ziplining, river rafting, trekking and a lot more for its visitors. The zipline is situated in Kalpetta Wayanad and offers a ride through the lush plantations of Wayanad. The zipline lasts for 40-50 seconds but is an amazing experience for anyone who is a beginner in zipline and adventure activities.

Zipline fee – Rs 250

Timings 9AM – 6PM

3. Karapuzha dam, Adventure park & garden

Karapuzha dam, Adventure park & garden is located in Kalpetta Wayanad, an ideal spot if you are planning to visit with family. Children can have a great time playing the games. Overall, the location is excellent, with a well-kept garden, plenty of room to wander along the garden’s edge, and a dam. There are various things for adventure sports accessible.

Now that adventurous activities have been added, Karapuzha has become a popular place to spend the evenings. A 600-meter zip line will take about 50 to 60 seconds with breathtaking views

Zipline fee: Rs 390 + Entry fee(Rs 30)

Timings: 9AM – 6PM

4. The Hill District Club by VOYE HOMES

One of the top resorts in Wayanad is The Hill District Club by VOYE HOMES, which is situated on 3.5 acres of Greenland in Meenangadi, Wayanad. This resort welcomes guests and provides them with the best experience possible with breathtaking landscape, first-rate amenities, and enjoyable activities.

Green spaces, magnificent palm trees, indoor zipline, low ropes activities, huge swimming pools, fishing, Cycling, a jogging track, shuttle courts, indoor and outdoor games, and other activities are available here. Additionally, public spaces like party areas, open grass areas, and open stages are roomy and ideal for hosting a variety of events like birthday parties, destination weddings, get-togethers, inauguration parties, etc.

Zipline fee: Free with stay (Day out packages available)

Timings: 9AM – 5PM

5. Zipline Banasura dam

Adventure travel enthusiasts can now experience a 400-meter zipline ride at the Banasura Sagar Hydel Tourism Center, one of the region’s top attractions. The ride, which started on Tuesday, offers great views of the reservoir. Kayaking and rafting facilities and water scooters are also available here.

Zipline fee: Rs 300

Timings: 9AM – 6PM

Check out VOYE HOMES to explore the top resorts in Wayanad